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Turmeric Bringing About Startling Results
from Rae D.

Hi Ed:  For the last 6 months or so I've managed to get my P cleared to 95%, but getting rid of that stubborn last 5% has proven difficult. After scouring a few psoriasis bulletin boards I decided to give turmeric a go. (This is the site of Dr Heng, who recommends using turmeric:   She sells a topical cream with turmeric [a.k.a. curcumin] but it was too expensive for me, so I just took the turmeric in vitamin form). The boards recommend taking 1500mg per day as a minimum for about 3 months, so I took 4 capsules a day (2000mg). The results have been pretty startling:  By day eleven all of my spots had faded dramatically, and now, three weeks later, half are gone. The bonus is that the rest of my (non-P) skin has improved as well.

I've decided to keep taking it after the 3 months as a maintenance treatment, but at $38 for a bottle of 60 it would have cost a fortune. Instead I bought a capsule maker, empty gelcaps and the best quality turmeric I could find at my local Indian grocery shop. My homemade caps seem to work as well as the shop bought, and it’s only going to cost me $200 for the year.  It’s the cheapest and most effective treatment I've found so far.

Hope you are enjoying a flake-free year.  -Rae D.


Ed’s Response:  Hello, Rae!  Nice to hear from you.  And even better to hear you have found something that works (at least for now).

So, I’m deciding, based on your experience, that if I really liked Indian curry dishes I’d probably have better skin.  (I understand curcumin is used to make curry.)

Please keep us apprised of how this goes as time passes.  Also, next time you write, let us know if you had consumed turmeric in any form prior to undertaking this treatment.

As for my year so far; yes, I’m living it nearly flake-free.  However, using a biologic (Humira) seems downright unfair compared to your $200-per-year turmeric treatment.  (I’m taking double the normally prescribed dose of Humira, which means it’s costing my insurance company over $2,000 per month to keep me flake-free.)  -Ed

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