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Kalawalla’s “Organic Hope” Fading?  But There’s Light!
from Michael A.

Hello Ed,  My name is Michael A. from Oxnard, California.  I have suffered from P since age of 21, am 53 now.  About 8 months ago I decided to try Kalawalla, mostly based on things I read at FlakeHQ.  I ordered a six month supply.  I was billed monthly at about $39, I think.  I took 4 caps daily, 2 in the morning and 2 at night.  After 6 months I noticed no improvement.  None.  I had kept the bottles for return as Organic Hope stipulates that if you want a refund, you must return the bottles.  I did all this and explained how it did not work and could I get a refund to my credit card.  After two months of waiting, they have not refunded my money, despite many emails to them.  I warn all your readers to beware of this company.

Now I have happier news in regards to the Dermalight-80.  I purchased one from Australia.  I bid for it on eBay, and saved some money from the seller’s regular selling price.  When you purchase it you get the Dermalight-80, a digital timer and dark eye protection.

I had two really bad plaques on my torso.  I concentrated on these.  I would hold the Dermalight at these spots for about 2 minutes morning and night.  It took about a month, but now the flaking is gone and healthy pink skin is once again covering these areas.  Now, you can still see (if you look closely) the areas where the scaling used to be, but it looks much healthier.  I have a large area on my lower back that is more stubborn.  But it too is slowly disappearing.  It is important to remove as much scaling as possible before light treatment — using P & S or some such product. 

It is important to note that I have not changed my diet substantially since using the Dermalight-80.  I have, however, stopped eating ice cream.  I dearly love ice cream, but have given it up.  I do not know if there is a connection between this and my improving lesions.  All other food, coffee, burgers, fries, meat, pork, all vegetables I still eat with abandon.

So, I am very happy with the narrow band Dermalight-80.  I am very unhappy with Organic Hope™.  The Dermalight-80 works for me, Kalawalla was an expensive rip off.  -Michael  A.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Michael.  Your disappointing experience with Kalwalla is bad enough, but the situation with Organic Hope™ is even worse.  I'm sure you read Shaun's email in the Mar-Apr update at FlakeHQ: Scammed by Organic Hope (Kalawalla)?  I mentioned in my response to Shaun that I'd emailed Jorge Mendoza (an Organic Hope executive with whom I'd corresponded in the past) and would post his response if/when I received one.  Still haven't received one and am beginning to doubt that I will.  There was such a flurry of good testimonials about Kalawalla a couple of years ago that I'm sorry to see this happen.  However, I've received enough testimonials from people like yourself, who got no benefit from Kalawalla, to realize that like most other dietary supplements that help some flakers, it's really the trigger that matters.  Your P evidently is NOT triggered by whatever it is Polypodium leucotomos acts upon.  Please let me know if you ever DO get your refund.   -Ed

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