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Itching: Consequence AND Cause
from Neil P.

Backstory:  Bitching About Itching 

Nice; and dead on!

I enjoyed your commentary.  I wish more Americans could think objectively like this about their own conditions.  Doctors are simply conditioned to tell you what you want to hear.

It should be this simple...

Does it get worse when you scratch?


Then stop scratching. 

Wow.  That would be easy, if only I could.

If Americans realized that doctors cannot help with most non-life threatening ailments, then health care wouldn't cost so damned much.

I am looking for relief for a small case on my leg.  I am absolutely positive if I ever stop scratching the Psoriasis would pass.  I have done it before.  But it comes back every year in November and hangs around until I stop scratching.  -Neil P.


Ed’s Response:  Glad (but sorry) you identified with the article, Neil.  When you find an effective way to mitigate that itch, please let us all know. 

Some time ago I had a particularly itchy little lesion that I scratched until it bled. Fearing it would get infected, I put a bandage over it.  It occurred to me after a day or so that maybe the presence of the bandage would keep me from scratching the lesion, so I left it there, changing it only when it got obviously dirty.  Ironically, I caught myself scratching around the edges of the bandage, where the tape was irritating my skin.  And you can probably guess the climax of this little episode: I ended up with a bigger lesion than I started because the taped skin, starting with where I scratched at the edges, Koebnerized (i.e., turned into psoriasis) and quite quickly “became one with” the lesion that started it all. Oh well.  -Ed

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