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Sulfodene — The Dog Shampoo that Helps P
from Lynn M.

CAUTION: Read Sulfodene May Not be Safe

This link will take you to an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on what’s in, and the safety of, Sulfodene.  Just read your web page about the lady that was using it for herself. < updated July 2010, "skin medication," not "shampoo"

-Lynn M.


High Lynn.  Thanks for the link.  I reviewed it and want to make sure my interpretation is correct.  The ingredients are coal tar, sulfur and triclosan (so people allergic to any of these should not use).  It appears to me that the dangers of using it as a shampoo are quite similar to the potential irritations of using other shampoos advertized for humans (most shampoos that contain salicylic acid or medicinal coal tar derivatives, for example).  Aside from its potential to aggravate some pre-existing medical conditions ("Pre-existing eye and/or skin irritation; respiratory, and/or digestive disorders") no acute or chronic health effects are noted, no carcinogenesis.  Obviously it's not to be taken internally and should not be used on open wounds, near eyes, nose or mouth.  Am I missing anything that you noted? 

The biggest mystery this solves is why it works for people who have scalp P — the coal tar! -Ed

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