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Innerlight “Supergreens”
from FW

I just read Orin's information and was very intrigued about psoriasis and pH balance.  Recently I came across a company called Innerlight Inc. and the products of “supergreens” that help the body’s pH balance to drop.  The object is to get your body back to a state of balance, not imbalance.  I found the information absolutely intriguing.  They specifically talk about psoriasis (among other things) and feel it is symptomatic of an overall acidic body that is throwing the excess acid out through the skin to protect your vital organs.

I have been using these products for 2 weeks now and feel great — still waiting for the skin to look better but I am very optimistic.  They say the body needs to heal from the inside-out, not the outside with prescription medications.

I have been suffering from this for 22 years.  It’s gotten substantially worse in the last 4 years,  I believe primarily from stress but who really knows.

Hope this helps. -FW


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the reference.  I visited the web site ( and, though they have a search feature, it returned “no match” when I searched on psoriasis.  Nonetheless, while browsing I learned Innerlight is an MLM business founded on a theory about using green plants and vegetables to “balance” a body’s acidity/alkalinity through a whole line of products, predominantly dietary supplements.  Not surprisingly, you can listen to an audio presentation by a company founder....

Anyway, the theory that P is the result of the body “evacuating” toxins through the skin (because the other purging organs can’t accommodate all of them, or are overworked) has many incarnations including the diets of John O.A. Pagano and Robert Connolly.  Many if not all of the naturopathic approaches to treating P emerge from the theory, or embrace it in a larger theory.  The dwelling power of the idea is, to me at least, an indicator that there must be something to it.  I have heard from many dozens of flakers who have found relief through assorted regimens based on this theory and its derivatives. 

Please keep us apprized of your progress with the Innerlight products.  -Ed

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