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Appropriate Attire for a Young Ms. Flaker?
from Abbie S.

Hi Ed!  Greetings from soggy southwestern Washington!  Things are going fine.  My P is starting to calm down after the cold weather irritated it some.  Looking forward to summer and the SUN!  But while we're on the subject of our favorite skin-baring season (insert sarcastic laughter) I thought I might appeal to everyone at FlakeHQ for some help:

I was recently hired as a summer intern for a professional office, and last week I began some preliminary shopping for business attire at spring sales only to find all the clothes for women my age are either low-cut or sleeveless.  My favorite are the tank tops that look like lingerie.  I can't imagine an article of clothing that could make me feel more self-conscious!

So in my travels, I was able to find ONE short-sleeve sweater and ONE three-quarter sleeve shirt, and after surfing the web and looking at several stores, I'm pretty discouraged at the lack of coverage young women's clothing provides us psoriatics.  (I'm positive others have experienced this as well!)  I can either share my P with the world or I can cover up and die of heat exhaustion.  Neither of these interests me too much.

Since I have P on my arms, chest, and in my armpits, spring's trendy sleeveless low-cut V-neck shirts and dresses are a nightmare.  I don't mind sweater twinsets or something, but I don't want to dress frumpy if I can help it.  Does anyone know of stores, websites, or books/magazines that cater to those of us unwilling to show off too much of our skin?  Or maybe have any tips about dressing fashionably and still keeping our P under wraps?

I did find one website:  This site has tips on winter fashion, not spring (yet).  It's still a good reference, though.

Any experiences/hints people have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, -Abbi S.


Ed’s Response:  A damsel in distress!  I hope some of our readers can provide enlightenment because I’m rather incapable.  (They won’t let you wear sweats to work — like I do?) -Ed

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