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Globe Hopping When a Flare Happens
from Sara S.

Hi Ed.  Firstly I have to say I really enjoy your website.  I discovered it a couple of weeks ago.  My name is Sara S., I'm 27 and from Ireland and I've been suffering from psoriasis for 22 years (plaque and guttate).  Like a lot of the contributors to your site, I have tried many treatments from light, tar, steroids and even a tonsillectomy, with varying degrees of success, but the psoriasis always comes back, with a number of (sometimes unidentifiable) triggers.

Over the past 5 months, I've been traveling around India and South-East Asia, with my husband.  We've been having a great time, but unfortunately, I had a flare-up of guttate psoriasis starting in India, and following me all the way through Thailand, where I could get no treatment (except strong steroids, which I didn't want to use).  Since I was visiting a lot of beach areas, it made it very difficult to enjoy the trip (having to keep covered up most of the time), I even considered ending the trip early and going home to seek treatment.  When I got to Malaysia, I managed to get a coal tar-based ointment, and have used it now for about the past 6 weeks, and have cleared up a good bit on the bits that show, i.e. hands, arms, neck and face.  But the rest of me is proving difficult to clear.

I'm now in Australia, and plan to stay here for a few months, so I thought I'd try to do something more to clear myself up.  I've been on the web searching for anything interesting (that's how I found your site), and I found the following site:

The Ultimate Treatment to Clear & Eliminate Your Psoriasis For Good! (

It's advertising an e-book — “Say Goobye to Poriasis” — by Jim Longnecker.  I'm just wondering if you've heard about it, and if anyone has had any success with it.  I'm also considering trying Kalawalla, I saw the interesting mail from Susan G.

I'll be going through your site, looking for more suggestions.  -Sara S.


Ed’s Response:  Hi Sara.  Thanks for writing.  Sounds like you two are on quite an adventure!  Sorry to hear your P has dampened it somewhat, but it sounds like you're learning a lot. 

I have no idea if Mr. Longnecker is on to anything, but I seriously doubt it, and his tactics raise major red flags.  He wants us to pay $25 for a 47 page book that will divulge his “cure,” but his solicitation reveals NOTHING about what that cure involves.  There are a lot of comments about what it does NOT involve, and some inference that diet is an element. 

With uncanny regularity these scams come and go.  One of the last ones that really had us going for awhile was “zinc.”  The cure was ingesting megadoses of food supplement-grade zinc.  It made some people sick.

You may be better served contacting one of Dr. Tirant's clinics in Australia.  This link ... ... will take you to my Jan-Feb 05 briefing.  Scroll down to the last item about Dr. Tirant's skin clinics.  It contains links you might find interesting.

Best of luck!  -Ed

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