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Aalgo (ground seaweed) Helping Husband
from Mary G.

Hello Ed:  I came across your website today. I am in the process of researching the condition psoriasis, as my husband is a sufferer, and has had the condition about 12 years.

He is very good and patient, and for years just kept putting on the creams, up until last year when I began to get worried because the doctor started giving him topical steroids, and I thought this might be dangerous.

Then one day I came across this product, Aalgo, at a fair, and there was a money back guarantee, and quite an extravagant claim, I thought, that Aalgo would "cure your problem in 40 days, or your money back."  So I thought, "Why not give it a try?" and we did, and hey presto, from the very first treatment, my husband noticed an improvement, and derived great benefit for other complaints as well, because it gave him wonderful relaxation. It can help arthritis and rheumatism as well as psoriasis.

I just wondered if you had heard of it, as a search for Aalgo on your website came up blank. Aalgo was invented and produced and is marketed by a family business based in the Channel Islands (UK). They supply a drum weighing 1.2 kilos, and you just put 2 spoons of it in a bath and soak for 20 minutes. It is made from deep Atlantic seaweed, dried and ground.

It is far less messy to use than creams, and really does live up to its claims. After the course of baths over 40 days (one container-worth), you can ease back to one or two baths per week. Of course it does not deal with root causes, but boy is it effective as a surface treatment. My husband has not had to use any creams since discovering this product.

Just recently, our supply dried up, as unbeknown to us, one of the Aalgo family members was hospitalized with pneumonia, so our order was not processed, and we were getting quite frantic wondering what we were going to do now, but thankfully they are up and running again, and a new drum was delivered yesterday.

Because of this hitch, I started looking into other things, so my husband is now trying the Connolly method, and Kalawalla. I have joined him in the Connolly diet. One way or another we are going to crack this thing!

In my work with water-softeners I often come across people with psoriasis and eczema, and I met a chap recently who was on chemotherapy drugs for psoriasis! I did think this was a bit extreme! The soft water helps my husband a lot, although oddly enough, the Aalgo seems to work better with hard water, as it reacts with the hard water to form a kind of coating (like soap scum) which leaves a residue on the body after a bath, and the soft water does not. I know this because we did not have the water-softener at first, when my husband first tried the Aalgo.

I'll try to contact again, to let you know how things are going.

Kind regards, -Mary G.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for tipping us, Mary.  Now there will be a reference to Aalgo at FlakeHQ.

Their website is (easy to remember).  Based on their description of the product, if I was one of those flakers who responds well to seawater but does not live conveniently close to a beach, I’d give this product some serious consideration.  Only catch:  The jar sized for baths (1.2 kg) costs GBP 39.50, which today exchanges to USD $75.41. 

I also noted that the directions for use of the product to control psoriasis, they recommended making a paste out of some of the powder and occluding it (under plastic wrap) for 20-30 minutes before you take the bath. 

I’d love to hear from anyone else who has used Aalgo for their P.  -Ed

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