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Finding Kalawalla
from Francis S.

Writing from Australia — new to this site.  Hello to fellow sufferers, have had this for 52 years (female now 54).  Have looked at the 'Kalawalla' article on site, sounds impressive, however I cannot contact them — their site doesn't allow one to get in touch [see Ed's Response, below].  I do not know whether anyone else has had the same problem.  At present I am trying to source Kalawalla here in Australia.

I have had a few set backs in ridding my skin of this problem. Through diet, mind control over it to a degree, alternative medicine and sheer determination, have probably reduced it by 70%.

A base cream of calendar, camomile, and lavender with some of my own concoctions have helped somewhat.  Unrefined honey is extremely good to add to lotions. 

I now believe that I have all the answers, it is a matter of getting the right things to sort it out once and for all.  Unfortunately, I had a nasty sporting injury which gave me spinal damage some 19 years ago, then 10 years ago our house was sprayed for spiders and I nearly lost my life —  leaving me with multiple chemical sensitivities. If it had not have been for these reasons, I think I might be well on the way to saying goodbye to this.

In my opinion from my years of gathering information, the main foods I must avoid are wheat, dairy products, nightshade family foods, MSG, preservatives, and food colorings.  I must also avoid negative environmental influences and stress.  Because the immune system is not going correctly, these foods and other factors affect us.  If we can balance the immune system so the brain does not send the wrong messages to our skin, we will be all right.  I have found the raw dandelion root and leaf teas (I make the teas myself) extremely good, they work on the kidneys and liver.

The chemical poisoning assault I received some 10 years ago increased my weight from 9 to 12 stone.  Physically, it has taken some years to regain myself, with now losing that extra weight.

I have read Dr. Pagano's book [Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative] — very good, it was more info which helped me piece together more about the psoriasis.  Mind-body control is very important, I think, but with busy lives, it is hard to keep focused. 

Over the years, I have tried many things to help the skin.  All I know is that the conventional medical system does not get to the core of the problem.  On our TV last night, here in Australia (West Australia), a company is promoting a cream which they say will inhibit the growth of the skin cells (working on the immune system).  Human trials apparently 18 months away and who knows after that.

Perhaps, if you have time, could you email me and let me know if you know of anybody else who has this Kalawalla in America.  I am not even sure if our government will allow the import of this fern substance.  You and maybe your site people may be interested if I can source this product here in Australia.

We have just relocated our address, now moving to a hot area in northwestern Australia — average temperatures for weeks now until a few days ago, 40-45 celsius — hot, hot, hot — live in air conditioning though.

There is an answer out there for everyone of us who suffers this affliction, I do not intend to die as a psoriasis statistic.

Thank you and await a reply. -Francis S.


Ed’s Response:  Organic Hope does seem to have the market cornered on processed Kalawalla.  Perusing a bit more of their site, I learned they grow the fern in Central America (where it lives naturally, too).  I suppose that means you may be right about some limitation on importing the live plant into the U.S. and Australia...  I’m sure that could be figured out by spending a year surfing through our government web sites and you government websites.  But that wasn’t your main point, Francis.  You were wondering about other sources — and I didn’t find any.  There were a number of other web-based retailers offering Kalawalla, but following these through inevitably (but sometimes roundaboutly) brought me around to learning the manufacturer was “Organic Hope.” 

Hmmm.  If Kalawalla really is the P palliative devotees claim, Florida-based Organic Hope may be looking at an imminent windfall.  You can contact them through a web-based email routine.  Click here.

If you discover alternative sources for Kalawalla, please let us know, Francis.  And same goes for any other reader.  Thanks again.  -Ed

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