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Wants to Try Pagano Regimen
from Robin

Just stumbled across you site while searching for support for those trying Dr. Pagano's regimen. I found your site to be refreshing (I enjoy the humor) and informative.  However, I couldn't find any articles or emails from anyone involved with Dr. Pagano since 2002.  Have you been getting any recent response?  How do I access them?

I am 54 and have had P since I was 15.  Like you, Ed, I've tried everything with varying results and side effects.  A most recent extremely severe allergic attack to biologics has sent me scurrying in another direction.  I would like to keep up with folks following Dr. Pagano's book, as I have just decided to give it a try. 

Keep up the good work.  -Robin  


Ed’s Response:  Hi Robin.  Nice to meet you; sorry to hear about your lack of luck with the biologics.

While there hasn't been correspondence posted at FlakeHQ about the Pagano regimen in some time, there have been posts at PsorChat, which you can SEARCH and discover:  

You have to be a member of this discussion group for this link to work.  Otherwise, go here and sign-up (it's a quick and free process, though you may want to be careful to UNcheck any boxes that “permit” Yahoo! and friends to send you loads of email).

Of course, I can't say with certainty why there has not been more email on FlakeHQ about the Pagano regimen, I imagine it's because what's already posted on the subject isn't that enthusiastic and the picture painted of the diet is quite dire.

One of the posts at PsorChat contains a recent article summarizing 5 case studies of diet and P conducted by the Meridian Institute in Virginia.  Here's a direct link to that article ...  

“The conceptual basis of the present study is derived from the systems approach of Edgar Cayce, as described by Landsford and McMillin et al. In essence, the model focuses on excessive intestinal permeability (or the "leaky gut syndrome") as a primary factor in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.”

As you know, this is also the theoretical fundament of Pagano's regimen.  You would probably find the article interesting.

If you would, Robin, I'd love to have something a bit more current posted at FlakeHQ from someone on the Pagano regimen.  Would you write again and let us know how it goes for you?  Thanks.  -Ed


Robin replies:  Greetings, Ed.  Thank you for all the information that you sent concerning Dr. John Pagano's, Healing Psoriasis.  It has been most informative and very helpful. The last time I contacted you I was looking forward to contacting Dr. Pagano who was vacationing here in Sarasota.  I had the pleasure of a two hour meeting with him. He's an incredible man who has been dedicated to healing psoriasis for 40 years. 

Like you, I am not sure that I can follow such a strict diet ... I love to eat!  But, I have decided that after almost 40 years, I'm ready to trade the foods I love for clear skin.  It's only been a week since I began and it is quite a challenge.  His cookbook does make it easier.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Also, Dr. Pagano, whose office is in NJ, is going to help me to form a support and study group for folks in the Sarasota, FL area who are interested in following his regimen.  He will be coming down in the fall to kick it off.  In the meantime, I am gathering names of people who might be interested in getting involved.  Any help you can offer to get the word out would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at [email protected].

Again, thanks for everything.  I'll be in touch. -Robin

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