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T/Gel® Overnight Dandruff Treatment
from Abbi

Hi Ed, Thanks for your kind comments on my last email [Her Flare and What She Does About It].  I know you guys all understand the frustration of this condition and it sure helps to have a sympathetic ear!

I thought I'd tell everyone about a product I found about a year ago that works great for scalp P.  (I seem to have a pattern here with scalp treatments!)  It's made by Neutrogena (makers of T/Sal and T/Gel) and it's “T/Gel® Overnight Dandruff Treatment" with salicylic acid in a thin liquid.  I spray it on and rub it in a little at the roots of my hair, then put a towel on my pillow and wash it out the next morning.  It's not nearly as messy as castor oil and makes my hair nice and shiny.  It even smells pleasant.  It's on the shelf at many pharmacies; I found it at Walgreen's.  It is a little expensive, but it really reduces itchiness, redness and flaking.  I can even spray a little behind my ears and on the hairline P that creeps down my forehead and it helps there, too. 

Hope it works for others out there.  Best of luck! -Abbi


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for drawing our attention to this undermentioned newer product in the Neutrogena line-up.  The web site for T/Gel® Overnight Dandruff Treatment is here: 

For longer than I’ve had psoriasis, Neutrogena has had products to address skin hygiene and health.  Early on I favored Pentrax shampoo (from Canada) because it had a higher tar content, but it has been inconvenient for me to get it in my part of the U.S. and, when Neutrogena came out with T/Gel Extra Strength I found it worked just as well for me.

Long before I had P, relatives and doctors introduced me to Neutrogena soap as a good thing for my “dry and sensitive” skin.  Even then I learned quickly that this company had a wide array of products that seemed “made for me.” 

I haven’t tried the Overnight Dandruff Treatment because, since it was released, I haven’t had the need.  However, the overnight product I have used is specially compounded by a local pharmacist according to my derm’s instructions — and it costs a bundle.  You can bet I’ll be trying T/Gel Overnight Dandruff Treatment the next time the need arises.  -Ed

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