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Apparent Policy at Medco Lab Customer Service:  Deny Anything
from Henry Z.

I don't know if you'd call me a member or not because of stumbling into this informative site while researching skin problems, but I thought of sharing some information recently learned that may be of general interest.

Having followed up on a reference to Aquaphilic found here [Aquaphilic: Another Flaker Staple?], I was disturbed to learn from THE MAN at the company itself that they're reluctant to make any claim as to the efficacy of their product, Aquaphilic. Being fully prepared to order a supply, all I wanted to hear was some recommendation from the manufacturer regarding the medical effectiveness of their product, yet none was forthcoming.  He refused to make ANY claim whatsoever when pressed.  This, the 'blank stare,' I find amazing.

That a manufacturer cannot be an advocate for his own product does not inspire my confidence in purchasing and using the product.  Obviously I put my trust elsewhere and rediscovered an old standby, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, which has essentially the same ingredients as Aquaphilic while costing much less, as a bonus. And it works.

BTW I have no stake in any entity mentioned here beyond my own skin. Please contact them to find out for yourself:  Medco Lab, 712-255-8770, mailto:[email protected].  -Henry Z.


Ed’s Response:  Had to be bad customer service training, Henry.  On the one hand, it’s understandable that they can’t make any promises about what the product will do for a person’s condition.  Such statements of fact will most assuredly motivate law suits.  But, on the other hand, they could state other kinds of facts, like how long the product has been around, how much of it they sell, how many testimonials they have received from satisfied customers, etc. etc. etc.  Why the person you talked to was not equipped to respond in this manner mystifies me. 

Thanks for telling us about it.  -Ed

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