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Kukui Nut Oil Products: Tests Unrevealing
from Dana G.

Dear Ed:  I promised you a report on what happened with the clinical trials on Kukui and P.  The answer:  not much.  The test group ended up with only 24 participants — plan was for 35 or more and several dropped out. 

Statistically, the Kukui performed much like the Mineral Oil Control.  Yes, some of the patients loved the Kukui.

Statistically, we ended up with nothing.  Hopefully, we'll get another shot at it.  We continue to get a significant number of people telling us that it helps!

How are you doing with the oil?  -Dana G. (


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the follow-up, Dana.  [Search on Kukui from the homepage for background.]  Let me tell you something about statistics and P:  If those of us who have P and are trying to do something about it paid too much attention to statistics, we’d spend most of our time sitting in corners, crying. 

Statistically it appears any product that helps 8 out of 10 flakers is the best.  There are many things on the market — including pricey prescription drugs — that can only boast 60-70% user satisfaction.  Furthermore, all these statistics are snapshots.  Nothing works forever, which means anyone that is being helped will find the source of relief “wears out” in time.  (Although many of us find that when something wears out we simply need to take a long vacation or change regimens for awhile.  Later we can come back to the earlier palliative and it might work again.)

One of the things you’ve got going for you — and I think I’ve said this before — is that whether or not Kukui nut products resolve P, lots of folks — myself included — are going to find the lotion, cream and oils pleasant to use and beneficial.  

I liked the cream best, lotion second best, oil least.  What I liked about them was the fact that they moisturized well but their greasy-oiliness dissipated fast.  For me that’s important.  I spend hours a day at the keyboard and the trackball.  Have you any idea what greasy, gummy, oily stuff does to a trackball?  Yuck!  (I’m periodically caught by a grandchild wandering around the house cleaning my trackball with Windex and a paper towel.  One of the preschoolers once commented, “You sure do like to keep that big marble clean, papaw!”) 

I know you’re going to have continued good luck with the products, Dana, and speaking on behalf of all of us who flake, I want to thank you for being honest about your products.  -Ed

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