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Anybody Else Tried Banana Skins?
from Graham A.

Hi. I'm 35 years young and have had P since I can remember. Tried lots of different regimens, mainly topical, but I am in a typically vicious circle of slightly clear to dramatic rebound. Recently I've tried a shot in the dark when my wife "jokingly" suggested rubbing banana skins on my lesions. It smells a little bit, but no worse than some topicals. I don't know whether it's a coincidence but my P has made a drastic improvement in a very short time. I'd be interested to know if anyone else out there has tried this or thought about it. -Graham A. (Northern Ireland)


Ed’s Response: There’s no other report at FlakeHQ about rubbing banana skins on lesions, so hopefully if anyone reading this has tried it they’ll share their experiences.

Meanwhile, it was widely thought for awhile that Exorex was based on bananas, but the active ingredient appears to have been a coal tar derivative. (For more information about Exorex, visit the Psoriasis Hall of PShame.)

While we wait to hear from anybody else, Graham, do keep us apprised. -Ed

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