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Another Testimonial About Miraculous A&D Ointment
from Carol V.

Greetings:  I've just seen several articles on your sight about A&D Ointment.  I found your articles because I was looking up A&D Ointment on a search engine trying to figure out what on earth is in this stuff that appears to be curing whatever is wrong with my skin. 

I've had hormonal acne/rosacea for the past couple of years but kept it in control with at-home peels (40% glycolic).  Three months ago my cheeks and chin reddened and I had a huge number of breakouts that wouldn't heal.  I bought some rosacea products but they didn't help.  The at-home peels I was using suddenly made the breakouts and stinging much worse. Plus I can't get into to see a Dermatologist for another month!  On top of all that, my breaking out skin was suddenly very dry.  Quite the odd and miserable mess.

I tried A&D one night to see if it would help with the stinging and woke up the next morning to see a huge improvement in my skin.  The dry, stinging feeling was gone, a good number of the breakouts had begun to heal and with continued use, they are almost all gone.  I also started using Beta Hydroxy Pads which has helped stop new breakouts.  So now each morning I use a thin film of A&D under my moisturizer and make-up.  Why this works I don't know.  This product contains mineral oil which has a rep for causing breakouts.  Anyway, I thought you'd like to hear another opinion on the benefits of using A&D. -Carol V. 


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for taking the time to write-up your experience.  No one can quite figure out why it works so well (for some people) — but it might be the Vitamin A (see A&D Ointment — Add P to the List of What It’s Good For). 

Since first hearing about its palliative effect on P lesions in 2001, I’ve heard several more anecdotal reports and am happy to add yours to that growing library.  My Soriatane (acitretin) is an oral vitamin A derivative that costs $400 a month.  Tazorac is a prescription topical based on Vitamin A.  Here’s an alternative that costs a view dollars per tube OTC.  And for some — like you — it works great.  Thanks again.  -Ed

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