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Success with Mavena Spa Therapy
from Cecilia

Hi Ed:  I just went to Chicago to a place called Mavena. It has been in Europe for about 10 years and has been in the U.S. for about two.  In Chicago (Des Plaines, to be exact) it  is a "spa" that has baths and the non-harmful sun booths.  No medication is required, it's all natural, and it is covered and backed by insurance companies.  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING:  I was clear in about a month.

Mavena has a lot of websites and here’s one in English:

Mavena is looking to franchise and my mom is setting up a satellite office here in Maryland.  I am looking in to starting one in Texas, as I’m moving there in next few months.

The Mavena spas are modeled after the kind of therapy you get at the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is 30% salt (as opposed to the ocean, which is 3% salt).  Someone discovered that 15%  Dead Sea salt is as effective as 30% and costs less.  Because I don’t want to fly to Israel at this time, I called my trip to Des Plaines a mini-pilgrimage.  I stayed at a  Homestead hotel, which for a reasonable price had a kitchen and allowed my pets.  I went in December and January and told people I met there that I had come for some sun and fun.  They thought I was nuts, of course, but I thought it was funny. 

Needless to say, I feel like a new person.  My confidence level has risen 5- million percent.  I still find it hard to believe:  all natural, no pills, creams or needles, insurance paid for most of it.  They treat every kind of psoriasis.  I think the web site has a list of their current locations.  -Cecilia


Ed’s Response:  I suppose a franchised spa experience like the Dead Sea was just a matter of time.  I must admit, I am shocked that insurance covered so much of it.  I checked out the web site and it appears Des Plaines is the only location in the U.S. at this time, so the field (as they say) is wide open for you and your Mom.   

Please keep us apprised as to how long your clearance lasts and, of course, how goes the relocation and possible move into a Mavena franchise.  -Ed

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