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Do “Dead Sea Salt” Products Really Work?
from Prudence V.

Hi Ed.  I just became a reader of this site. My Dad actually emailed me a link. It's the best thing I've ever come across, full of info & no b.s. from what I can tell. Anyway, I read, and Do you know anyone who has had success with these Dead Sea products? I've seen several other companies that sell beauty products containing or claiming to contain salts from the Dead Sea. I'm such a skeptic, but then again, always willing to try new things. I guess I figure, if they worked, none of us would have spots? -Prudence V.


Ed’s Response:  Hi Prudence, glad you found FlakeHQ.  About the Dead Sea products for home use:  No one has ever told me they've cleared up their P.  I've had people who go to the Dead Sea for the extended treatments there tell me that the salt derivatives from the water are only "a small part" of the curative power of being there.  They say they benefit from the climate and the spa environment as much as the water.

On the other hand, I hear from a number of folks who buy the home products and use them and like them.  I tend to think it doesn't matter to them that it doesn't clear their lesions.  They find bathing in the salt water palliative for more general reasons.  They like the way it makes them feel.

My view has been that the home products are a little pricey for no more real "healing" than I'm told they do.  But that's me.  (I also prefer showers to baths.)  Let us know what you try and how it works.  -Ed

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