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Cordran Tape and Luxiq Experience
from Larry M.

Hey Ed:  My dermatologist handed me two remedies for my mild psoriasis.  Here's my brief experience with them.

CORDRAN TAPE is a medicated tape (corticosteroid) that you can cut and put on psoriasis spots. The advantage is that the tape is transparent, you can cut it to size, and put it on.  The medication thus has direct access to the skin and won't rub off.  After 3 weeks I am seeing substantial improvement.  Plaques disappeared after only two days.  The downside is, depending on how many spots you have, it takes a while to cut and apply.  Especially good for tiny patches or dots here and there.

LUXIQ is a corticosteroid [betamethasone valerate] delivered via a foam onto the scalp.  The foam "melts" on contact with the skin, so you foam it on, then rub it in.  It turns colorless and vanishes into the scalp.  This has also been very effective.  Itching stopped right away, plaques have not returned and the redness is slowly dissipating.  It also took care of a little spot on my eyebrow.

That's all for now.  I'll update you in a couple of months. -Larry M.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the report, Larry.  If I’m not mistaken, Cordran was one of the first “ready to apply” occlusive products for the treatment of P (among other things).  Luxiq and Olux are two similar products — corticosteroids delivered via an emollient-foam.  Luxiq is betamethasone valerate and Olux is clobetasol propionate.  Both these products have been well-received for the treatment of scalp P.  Many flakers use them on skin lesions, too.  -Ed

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