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Trying Raptiva
from Sue M.

I started Raptiva on May 6, I received my first shot in the doctor's office.  I gave myself the shot.  This certainly seems a lot more convenient than the Amevive routine.  I started having a major flare about five weeks ago.  I was at my wits end.  I look like lobster woman.  I actually think I could get away with wearing no clothes and look like I was in red long underwear. 

I hate this disease.  Even though I have had it for years, I hate what it does to your quality of life.  The pain, the itching, the burning, the excessive flaking.  I leave piles of skin everywhere.  I follow myself around with the sweeper. 

Well anyway, enough complaining.  Since my shot on Thursday, the flaking has slowed down.  It’s not as red and I'm not in pain.  I didn't go to work on Friday because I felt like I had the flu.  I took some aspirin and started to feel better.  My temp went up to 100f.  Well I hope this Raptiva works.  Take care Ed and by the way people refer others to your site on Cell Skin.  Its an interesting site. -Sue M


Ed’s Response:  Good to hear from you again, Sue.  Once again, you are ahead of me.  If I ever get my lymphocyte counts up into the normal range, again, I may try Remicade or Raptiva.  How did you ultimately fare with the Amevive?  And, of course, please keep us apprised of how you are doing on Raptiva.  -Ed

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