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Starting Enbrel on Double Dose
from Jennifer D.

Ed:  I have had P for 12 years, over the last 3 it’s become unbearable, covering almost 80% of my body.  I also have Psoriatic Arthritis and that has been flaring up as well.  I tried almost everything out there to no avail until my derm got me on Enbrel. 

I've been on it for 2 months and my P has cleared almost completely, it's down to just a few bumps on my shins and forearms with no scaling at all anymore.  The first week I was on the Enbrel I did a short cycle of steroids to help "kick it out of me" according to my derm.  My arthritis pain is almost non existent!  I urge all of you to try Enbrel. -Jennifer D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for sharing this with us, Jennifer.  It’s interesting that your derm prescribed a short cycle of steroids to — as you put it — “kick it out” of you.  It appears more derms are trying things to force a faster (or easier, or both) response from the Enbrel.  Perhaps this is motivated by too many cases like mine, where Enbrel, on its own, was started while a flare of P activity was occurring and it did not work.  Perhaps Enbrel is like a high gear in a vehicle’s transmission: great for maintaining speed (remission) but less great for building up to speed (achieving remission during a flare).  -Ed

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