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Monkey De-flaked His Scalp
from RichPee

Hello, Ed:  I just encountered your site. I haven't done much web research on Psoriasis since the late 90s when I was first starting the Pagano diet (some success, but I love too many foods). I was pleased to discover your site with much objective information balanced with empathy and humor. I thought I'd offer a story for your "don't say this" page. It's not quite a "don't say this" as the culprit wasn't human...

While I was in Thailand, a friend's pet monkey sat on my shoulder and started to inspect my hair for nits (as monkeys do). He discovered one skin flake and removed it. Then another. Then he discovered my scalp had lots of flakes and started furiously scratching at it with both hands. I took this to be the simian version of: "have you tried something for that dandruff?" –RichPee


Ed: Great story, Rich!  I’m wondering if a monkey might eventually become neurotic from too much work if it lived with a flaker?  I also wonder if there aren’t simian versions of P, and versions for other mammals, too?  

(Someone once suggested to me that P would likely be a fatal disease for other mammals.  Infestation of the lesions [infection] would ultimately kill them. I wonder if that's true?)  -Ed

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