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This Flaking Family Won’t Be Stigmatized
from Meredith J.

I've had various forms of psoriasis since I was 10 (I'm now 53), including nail psoriasis (also since age 10) and, possibly, psoriatic arthritis (have yet to be diagnosed). I've enjoyed your comments — I come from a large family of flakers, and we refuse to subscribe to the old commercial for Tegrin (I think), i.e., "the heartbreak of psoriasis." I took my cue from my aunt, who has had it all over (except for her nails — lucky her!) all her life and cannot be in the sun for too long at all — deal with it and get on with life. Painful — yes, annoying — absolutely, disabling — perhaps (especially the arthritis).

No one with normal skin understands this inflammatory auto-immune disorder (I refuse to call it a disease), but there is no need for embarrassment. Even when I've had to cut all of my nails back 2/3 of the way down, I never tried to hide my hands. I made sure to wear jewelry and hide them in plain sight. The more we focus on our appearance during flare-ups, the more other people will.

Keep up the work! -Meredith J.


Ed’s Response: I’ve had opportunity to correspond with a few young flakers who have parents with the condition. These subsequent generation flakers do seem to have stronger, healthier and more “outward” attitudes about flaking — the kind your email emits.

Your courage about not hiding your condition is laudable. I’m sure there’s a lot of truth in your assertion that “the more we focus on our appearance during flare-ups, the more other people will.” Thanks for sharing a little of your outlook and your courage with us, Meredith. -Ed

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