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Kukui Nut Oil from Oils of Aloha
from Dana G.

Dear Ed:  Not sure how, but I stumbled across a page where you complimented our web site. [Methotrexate Rebound ... Kukui Nut Oil]

I thank you for the comment on our not claiming cures.  I do not believe our Kukui Oil cures psoriasis but we do have a large number of folks that tell us it helps.   Based on that anecdotal evidence the local medical school is conducting some clinical trials — hopefully we will have positive results.

Aloha, -Dana Gray, Chairman, Oils of Aloha


Ed’s Response to Ms. Gray:  Thanks for dropping this note, Dana.  Always glad to learn an occasional "provider" finds us ... and happier still when they take the time to respond!

I would certainly love to learn about the clinical trials and wish you the best of luck.  A mostly natural, OTC product that really helps psoriasis would be a boon.  The trend these days is for EFFECTIVE treatments to require prescriptions and they are becoming ever-more expensive.  My current drug regimen is costing $2,400 a month! [Enbrel] That means hundreds of thousands of people with psoriasis are just out of the loop for effective treatments. 

Best regards.  -Ed


Ed’s Response:  Subsequent to this exchange, Ms. Gray asked if she could send me some samples of Oils of Aloha Kukui Nut-based products.  I said, “Sure.”

Here is Koko, my Japanese bobtail cat, helping out with this update of FlakeHQ, posed with the products Ms. Gray sent me.  I received Kukui Nut oil shampoo, cream, lotion, and oil.  Koko is making that universal feline gesture (licking her chops) that suggests she finds one or more of these potentially tasty. 

So far (about a week) I’ve been using the lotion and the cream and, while they don’t seem to be diminishing any lesions, they helped some cracks heal overnight.  The cream, especially, soaks in so quickly I keep it by my keyboard and use it several times a day on my fingers.  It has diminished the visible inflammation (redness) and kept them from cracking. 

Ms. Gray included a price list.

Pure Kukui Nut Oil with Vit. E (4 oz) $11.00 (Code KO4)
Moisturizing Cream with fragrance (4 oz) $10.00 (Code MC4)
Kukui Moisturizing Lotion with Vit. E (4 oz) $11.00 (Code KML4)
Conditioning Shampoo with fragrance (8 oz) $7.50 (Code SM4)

Clara (my wife) has tried the Conditioning Shampoo and likes it.  I’ll have to forage around in her bathroom to find it if I want to try it.  She’ll be ordering more.

For more information about these products, visit Oils of Aloha on the web. -Ed

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