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Will Turn to Homeopathy
from Elleanor S.

Dear Ed:  I found your site whilst checking out Exorex and am so glad I have.  I've had Psoriasis since I was 24 and I am now 40.  I naively hoped/prayed/believed that it would 'just go away' and because I have had a lot of mental health problems all my life due to a very BAD childhood, every time I have had a new 'breakthrough’ in my mental health I think maybe, just maybe the P will go away now.  Of course it’s still there and I know it will probably stay there and if I am very lucky it will not spread to the rest of my body. 

I consider myself to be very lucky as I only have it on my elbows and know it can be much, much worse.  All the same, I could go without it.  It came quite late on in my life but I harbor bittersweet memories of my nice smooth elbows. 

I did try some of the creams that you can get on prescription but for years now I have just used Potter's Psorosolv, it is an herbal remedy and no it will not cure it, but it stops my skin from drying out and palliates it a little.  I have peace of mind that I am not using any weird steroid based stuff that won't work and paying for it, though at least in the UK we have the National health Service (though for how long is another matter).

I am however getting very fed up with it, it's the itching that really gets to me, then other people's reactions.  So I am going to see my Homeopath as it is the only form of medicine that I really trust to work.  I've trained in homeopathic first aid and the guy who taught me has been my homeopath since then.  I've seen some incredible 'cures' (miracles) including my husband stopping his finger from being amputated from the first joint after he nearly scythed it off trying to save a blue butterfly from our cat whilst gardening.  The Dr was all ready to take it off when he went back to the hospital and was amazed at how advanced the healing was and had to check the records to be sure, at least he took notes about how my husband prevented the loss of his now fully recovered digit.

I am also very lucky as my flaky elbows makes no difference at all to Phil, my husband.  He loves me regardless — and, no, I did not have P when we met.

Thank you very much for 'listening' and thanks for the fabulous site.  Best wishes, -Elleanor S.


Ed’s Response:  A delight to hear from you, Elleanor, but I do hope you write back after you’ve seen your Homeopath about your P.  We would be most interested in what the two of you come up with. -Ed

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