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Enbrel Helped Immediately
from Annie

Ed:  I have P and P-arthritis. I’m 48 years old.  I was getting PUVA treatment and taking Enbrel shots. My skin was getting clear with the PUVA then I got PA.  My skin got a lot better when Enbrel was added to treatment.  

I started taking Enbrel shots in October, 2002, when I was diagnosed with PA.  I called my regular doctor whose specialty, luckily for me, is rheumatology.  He did a blood test to check for PA because I already had skin psoriasis. I had a severe outbreak of psoriasis in February of 2002. I had never had it before and still can't figure out what triggered it.  I was using a variety of creams and lotions without much improvement.

I was getting PUVA treatments from February 2002 until March 2003. In the beginning I had PUVA three times a week (not covered by insurance). Then, as I improved, my treatment was cut back until this March when I discontinued PUVA.

My skin only has a few discolored spots and no one can tell I have psoriasis. Before I had psoriasis all over my body and scalp.  I have no flaking on my scalp right now.  I don't know how long this will last but I am enjoying every minute. No more itching and flaking.

I know it could come back just as quickly as it came in the beginning. All I can do is take each day as it comes.  I have regular blood testing done to make sure everything is okay.  I am thankful for my dermatologist.  He was relentless in trying to clear me.  And I am thankful for my rheumatologist for acting so quickly in getting me on Enbrel.

I am looking forward to this summer.  Thanks so much for your great website. -Annie


Ed’s Response:  And thank YOU, Annie, for sharing your success story.  I’m afraid I’ve been down on Enbrel for a few weeks now, and I needed to hear that for someone it has lived up to its promise.

Just a decade ago, people who experienced a quick and severe onset of P, like you did, didn’t have the choices we do today.  You went through some months with PUVA that, as you now recount it, helped but didn’t completely clear you.  I think most derms are still favoring the old and well-known palliatives for flaker newbies, and until we’ve a few years more experience under our collective belts with the biologic alternatives (Enbrel, Amevive, Remicade) I suppose that’s a good idea.  But I don’t think another decade will pass before “getting P” means getting rid of its symptoms just as quickly as they came.

At least we can hope so.

Thanks for writing, Annie.  -Ed

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