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Unilever’s Organics Antidandruff Shampoo Works
from Vicki in Scotland

Hi Ed:  I've just discovered your site on return from my GP visit to get some P cream. I've had P since I was five (I'm 29 now) in some form or another.  Started with only knees and elbows, then went on to scalp.  Now I'm trying out guttate P.

After spending most of my childhood smothered in stinky coal tar cream and lying under UV lights, I gave doctors a wide berth until now.  Having had guttate P for a year now, I thought maybe they've come up with something in the last decade. I've just been prescribed Dovobet and, after reading your site, feel relatively optimistic.

I had scalp P for ten years and tried everything short of shaving my hair.  Bizarre as this sounds, I have found a solution in an ordinary shampoo — Organics Anti Dandruff). Don't ask me why,  but this stuff really works! When I don't use it the P comes back.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the rest of my body — I've tried it!

Anyway, I will be keeping up with your site and will let you know how I get on with Dovobet. –Vicki in Scotland


Ed’s Response:  I’ve had a tough time finding good information about Organics Antidandruff shampoo.  I learned that it is a product in the Unilever family.  Click here for a web site that doesn’t say much.  I’ve no idea what the active ingredients are.  If you would care to, please share some of the label info with us, Vicki.  Also let us know where you buy it.

Good luck with the Dovobet.  We look forward to hearing how you do on it, too.  -Ed

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