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Want to Hear from Soriatane Users
from Tim B.

Hi:  My name is Tim and I have been suffering with P. for about 20 years (just turned forty). My first outbreak came right after a bout with strep throat. Over the past twenty years I have been completely clear twice and have experienced significant clearing three or four times.

Each time I cleared completely it was due to PUVA treatment; however, I am concerned that the potential for skin cancer is now a significant risk.

The partial clearing episodes occurred while I was engaged in a strict diet and work-out regiment. Unfortunately, my work, travel and family requirements make it extremely hard to maintain that regimen. Consequently, my P has relapsed (each time getting worse) and now I find myself considering Soriatane therapy. I would like to hear from people who have tried soriatane to help me decide if the potential benefit outways the risk. The Roche web-site is somewhat confusing with regard to this.

Thank you and best wishes to all!  -Tim B.  


Ed’s Response:  Hi, Tim.  If you search on “soriatane” from the FlakeHQ home page you’ll get about 69 references, most from correspondence archives.  I’d suggest you browse these if you haven’t already. 

In particular, read Mark Shaw’s May, 2000 letter titled (surprise, surprise) Want to Hear from Soriatane Users.  I don’t know whether his email address, which he asked me to include with that posting, is still correct, but you might want to give him a try.

You’re also sure to get responses if you post an inquiry on the newsgroup.

Good luck!  -Ed

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