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Bioskin Experiment Inconclusive
from Michael M.

Ed, I probably first e-mailed you in relation to Bioskin back in Oct. 02 [see Wondering About Bioskin Products, and More on Bioskin].  

Apologies for not getting back sooner with my experiences. I've relatively mild psoriasis mainly confined to my scalp and the odd spot on my elbows, etc.  Back in October I had two relatively large lesions under both armpits and rather than blast them with steroids I thought I'd try Bioskin, which I had seen on the Ideal World shopping channel [in the UK]. 

The testimonies from other users on the TV were pretty amazing, but more than anything I was convinced by the Ideal World presenter Steve Whatley who is 100% genuine and would never try and sell anything he didn't believe in.

Bioskin is a spray which is meant to be applied 3 times a day to begin with. I thought I'd try it's effectiveness by applying it to one armpit only and comparing the results against the other, untreated armpit. To be honest, I mostly only used it twice a day because I found it awkward to take time out in the middle of the day at work to apply the spray. (This is probably me just being lazy because the bottle is quite discreet, and I could have applied it in the toilets like deodorant.)

Probably because I wasn't using it 3 times a day, I did not experience dramatic results within the first couple of weeks. After a few weeks I did notice less reddening but I also noticed the same reaction in the armpit that I was not treating. I even tried deodorant therapy on the other armpit during this time. Gradually, over about 10 weeks, both lesions have gone and the spray has run out. Was this due to Bioskin? Was this natural remission which I've experienced in armpits before? Was this anything to do with deodorant therapy? One thing is certain, both armpits cleared at the same overall rate even though one was never treated with Bioskin.

I'm sure Bioskin has a positive effect and I'm confident that more immediate results would follow if it was applied 3 times per day as directed. I would recommend somebody try it as the small bottle only costs around 12 and should last a few months if just treating one area.  

Again, apologies for not being more thorough in my trials but I'm sure there are other users out there who can give a more comprehensive account of their

experiences. Regards, -Michael M.

P.S. As of last Sunday night (March 23, ‘03) this product was still being sold as Bioskin on Ideal World.  [Also see Think Salcura instead of Bioskin.]


Ed's Response:  Thanks for the update, Michael.  Seems as though your trial didn't provide any clear answers.  Don't feel bad about that.  Lot's of costly drug trials end similarly!

Anybody else tried the product and care to report?  Please do!  -Ed

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