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Will Quit if Enbrel Doesn’t Help After 3 Months
from Jeffrey S.

I thought that I’d add that I, too, started Enbrel for psoriasis. 

After 5 weeks of treatment I haven't seen any improvement.  I'm going to try to give it 3 months, though I'm not sure I can hold out that long. 

If Enbrel doesn't work, I'll try Amevive.  I am curious to know about other Enbrel users — how long does it take for the drug work on P? –Jeffrey S.


Ed’s Response:  Giving up may not be your only option, Jeffrey.  Some people (including me) have doubled the weekly dose to, hopefully, speed up a positive reaction.

I tried the regular dose (25 mgs twice weekly) for about 3 months and just last week switched to 50 mgs twice weekly.  I think I’ll try that for three months before I give up on Enbrel.  (In case you’re wondering, No, there isn’t a 5 mgs SC injection system.  By doubling the does it means I have to take four shots a week instead of two.  In my case I take two shots on Tuesdays and another two on Fridays.)  -Ed

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