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Olux Foam Working on Skin Lesions for A Year Now
from Leslie A.

Hi Ed.  I just realized as my prescription sticker lists zero refills that I've been using Olux Foam on my skin — not my scalp — for 12 months now.

I'm happy to say that I haven't had one new untreatable flare up in 12 months (even though I've had two active strep throat infections — always my psoriasis trigger) — but the stubborn spots on my lower legs and feet haven't gotten any better (but they haven't gotten worse either — and I think that's a good thing). 

As new spots appear the Olux Foam scares them away.  This stuff is great!  I've also been using Elidel off and on over the past 12 months for psoriasis in skin folds and it works great, too.  Elidel has had no effect on my psoriasis on my legs.  I continue to use hydrated petrolatum to moisturize when the itchies get unbearable.  This is the stuff they use as a base in compounding pharmacies when making various creams and ointments — it's only about $10 for a huge tub of it.  It's so thick I actually use a butter knife to get it out of the tub and plop it on ny legs but it stops the flakes — although it's pretty gross if the cat rubs up against your leg after you've put it on — think Planet of the Apes times ten . . .   

Fortunately I have an enlightened derm who also suffers from psoriasis and he told me about using Olux Foam on the skin in March 2002.  Sad thing is his partner had told me just 3 weeks before there was nothing she could treat me with other than the standard Dovonex/Temovate regime I'd been using unsuccessfully for years.  I just happened to see this other doctor for a scar revision.

I've had psoriasis for 28 years now and been through UVB, UVA, all the topical steroids, Dovonex, etc.  Nothing has ever successfully kept me on an even keel.  I'm pretty pleased with the Olux Foam.

It's really convenient to use — easy to get dressed after using it, doesn't stick to the sheets at bedtime and finally allowed me to wear regular pantyhose (as opposed to black or navy blue tights) when wearing dresses and skirts to the office over the past year.

Oh — and please pass along a note to the nudist flaker — he's not alone — there are lots of people with psoriasis at my nudist clubs in Central Florida and New England.

Thanks for the website! -Leslie A.


Ed’s Response:  I was glad to hear this, Leslie.  I’m trying my first 100 gram can of Olux Foam right now.  And you’re right about it being a lot more pleasant to use!  What I like best is the fact that I can put it on my legs “last thing” before I go to bed.  The foam dissolves instantly from skin heat and there’s no sticky residue afterwards.  With the typical creams and ointments I felt compelled to stay up for another 30 minutes or more after application to I would turn the sheets into gook.  And, often too tired to wait, I’d just forgo the medicine.

I’m having difficulty learning to master the can’s trigger, though.  It has a hard pull and I’m too often sending strings of Olux Foam across the bathroom when all I wanted was a little dab.  My grandson the Spiderman fan thinks this is a great substitute for “web throwing” and has asked more than once if he could use it to round out his Spiderman arsenal. 

Years ago a derm told me that sometimes, when we’ve gotten used to a certain topical, simply changing the brand may make it work better for awhile, because of a change in the base.  Clobetasol propionate — the active ingredient in Olux Foam — has been a staple of mine as an ointment for years and, just prior to starting the Olux Foam regimen, I’d been despairing the clobetasol wasn’t “doing it for me” anymore.  I’m already seeing the radical change in base — from ointment to foam — is making a difference.

I haven’t heard from Roger D. (our correspondent nudist) for quite a while.  But I hope he reads this.  He needs to know that his FlakeHQ sub-population of nudists has just doubled.  That will make him happy.  -Ed

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