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After 3 Years On Enbrel She Gets Lymphoma
from Cindy N.

I have been using Enbrel for three years and developed aggressive lymphoma which was diagnosed in February and I'm currently going through chemotherapy.  I can't help but suspect the Enbrel at least contributed to the disease, especially since there is no history of cancer in my family (except for one 85 year old aunt).  The Enbrel helped my arthritis, but I will never ever take another new wonder drug — it just isn't worth it! -Cindy N.


Ed’s Response:  I’m so glad you wrote, Cindy.  I wonder if you are one of the “statistically insignificant” number of lymphoma cases reported to the FDA as possibly associated with Enbrel?  [See Enbrel and Remicade and Lymphoma Association?]

My own cancer — though not a lymphoma type — was first detected a mere 23 days after I started using Enbrel, so none of my doctors is willing to suggest an association.  [See Me, My Enbrel, My Cancer: 91 days of coincidence.]

I don’t think anyone can fault your determination not to ever take a new wonder drug.  My decision was not to stop taking Enbrel — indeed, now I’m taking twice as much as I did!  If my cancer recurs, you can bet I’ll be quite loud about it.  -Ed

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