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What’s Happening at Soap Lake?
from VRL and Sheri D.

Ed:  Found the article by Sheri Decker interesting but as that happened in June of 2002, how long did it last? [See “Taking the Waters” at Soap Lake, a personal experience] -VRL


Ed to Sheri D:  Hi Sheri!  Received this in today's mail and it occurred to me, "Why not let Sheri respond if she wants to?"  Have you been back to Soap Lake?  Know anybody who's been since your trip? Have anything else to say about it for VRL and the rest of us? –Ed


Sheri’s Response:  I assume VRL is referring to how long was I free of psoriasis after returning from Soap Lake.  If so, I would tell him that generally, after I do climatotherapy, my remission will last about one month. Then the psoriasis starts slowly returning. I suspect it doesn’t want to be away from me too long because it likes me so much. I think it also depends on how long you do the climatotherapy. If I only have one week of sun and water, it comes back faster, like in three or four weeks; two weeks of sun and water gives me about a couple of weeks more; and three weeks will send it off for a couple of months!  

I do not know of anyone else that has been to Soap Lake lately. Actually, the only time you can go there is in June, July and August. That is when it is sunny and hot. In the past, I have talked to people who get several months or more remission after spending time at Soap Lake, but everyone’s remission will vary. Some people go and spend a month or more. I believe if I could do that, I would be free of psoriasis for quite awhile, but I’ve never had the time. –Sheri D.


From Ed:  The “Soap Lake Conservancy” has a web site ( that doesn’t look like it’s been updated for a long time.  It does contain some basic information. 

Sheri's comment about the association between time-in-treatment and time-in remission is important for considering climatotherapy anywhere.  I've heard that even the most famous climatotherapy location for P — the Dead Sea in Israel — requires a four to six week stay to get long periods of remission.  -Ed

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