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Dovobet:  First Thing to Really Work
from Art

ED, hi. I' m a 48 year old male who has suffered from P for 25 years and have undergone all treatment therapies to relive my suffering and not until the middle of April 2003 did I finally find something that really works:  Dovobet, 60 grams for $117.00 Canadian.

I'm on my second tube and use it 1 to 2 times a day and have seen dramatic decrease in plaque, WOOOOW!!!!

I tried Zinc from that Guy who swears it worked for him.  After 1 year and 1100 zinc pills, no change, and I was concerned about the toxic effect of zinc on my system because I recently survived cancer, so my immune system has been compromised.

Anyway only 2 weeks and most of the heavy scale is gone, just light pink skin blotches are left no more scratching WOW!!!  It’s the best treatment I have ever had.

I have done it all, Dovonex, UVB, UVA, zinc, green tea, vitamin e moisturizer....

I have spent thousands on nothing.  Now I’ve spent only a couple of hundred Canadian dollars and it’s almost gone.

Thanks. –Art


Ed’s Response:  You sound happy, Art.  Can it be?  Dovobet (a combination of Dovonex and betamethasone, a corticosteroid) has been getting rave reviews throughout the UK.  Here in the colonies we’re mixing Dovonex and Diprolene (or Dovonex and Ultravate) in the palms of our hands to try to get the same effect.  Don’t know if it’s costing us more or less. 

Enjoy it, Art.  Don’t get alarmed if the positive effect starts to diminish over time.  I don’t know if that will happen with Dovobet, but we know it happens with plain steroids.  What you and your derm will need to do is have a contingency plan in place to get you through 60 to 90 days without the Dovobet.  Then, hopefully, you’ll be able to resume use of Dovobet with the same joyful results.

Good luck.  –Ed

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