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Told Not to Try Acupuncture
from Kathleen J.

Dear Ed: I consulted with an alternative medicine practitioner to ask about acupuncture treatment for my psoriasis. He was absolutely negative as to any hope, and then offered advice. One thing he said — the reason traditional medical treatments fail is that people get frustrated and stop doing them. (He ignored my objection.) He mentioned applying Tea Tree Oil, which is fine. When I asked about applying to my scalp, which is my worst single area of P, he suggested that I shave my head and maybe wear a wig. I work full-time in a high-profile position! What a waste of time.  –Kathleen J.


Ed’s Response:  Sounds like he was being honest, just not helpful.  Tea tree is a very "soft" treatment for P and I wouldn't count on it for scalp P.  You need to find a doctor who will prescribe something like Olux foam for your scalp P.  Short of the overnight occlusive treatments, and/or systemics (methotrexate and/or cyclosporine), I've heard the most "it works" comments about Olux foam.  In fact, I'm trying it for the first time now on my own scalp P, which has flared for the first time in 5 years.  And, at the risk of being redundant, I'm finding "it works for me." 

I'm sure that a lot of people DO stop using traditional medical treatments too soon.  But when is too soon?  Most of these treatments are rather costly.  Even the best goops cost nearly a buck a gram.  The new biologics cost over a thousand dollars a month!  How many of us are in a position to wait for several months for results?

"Shave you head and wear a wig."  Well, it might be a solution to random flaking.  Setting aside the fact that it is socially unacceptable for you, simply shaving your hair isn't going to clear up the lesions on your scalp, and can you imagine how badly they might itch under a wig all day? 

Good luck.  Try some Olux.  Let me know what happens.  -Ed

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