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Desperate — Hopes on Enbrel and Olux
from Veasna W.

Dear Ed:  I’ve had P since I was 8 — now I am 38.  I tried everything, like everybody else, nothing really cleared my P. 

I had cortisone shots for the longest time, and went on UVB for the last two years until the P got worse. 

Last year my joints started to hurt, two swollen fingers, two swollen toes, and painful elbows, and, yes, I was told I had P-arthritis, too.

The P is so bad that I think it's considered 70% of my body.  I was scared to try Enbrel because of the possible risks that I heard. 

I could not take this anymore if it weren’t for my responsibilities — sons of 8 and 4.  Otherwise I would end my life! 

I started Enbrel about 5 weeks ago, still no improvement.  I read that it does take between 3 to 6 months to see the result, if any.  I am like you, I will try Enbrel for six months and if that doesn't do the trick, I will move on to Amevive and/or hopefully by then Raptiva will be available. 

I tried Olux about a week ago after reading your site, yeah, finally something that really helps!  Not clear yet but the redness and the inflammation has reduced.  My bed sheet still has blood on it every single day but at least I can get a couple hours of sleep.  You really should try it!  I am too lazy so I only use it once a day and it's that good already!  I will start using it twice a day for another week or two.

As far as Enbrel — I so hope it will works!  It does help with my PA and again nothing yet on my skin lesions.   Let's hang it there.  God bless! -Veasna W.


Ed’s Response:  We will hang in there, Veasna, at least for a few more months.  I compelled my docs to let me try doubling the dose of Enbrel (from 25 mgs to 50 mgs) — this despite the bout with cancer I’ve just gone through.

And I’m using Olux foam now, too!  And am about as happy with it as you are.  What a wonderful way to get clobetasol propionate into your scalp (no grease or oil).  And, what a wonderful way to apply something that works to skin lesions right before you go to bed (no waiting for it to dry before you squirm in between the sheets). 

Stay in touch, Veasna.  I’ll let you know how I’m doing if you let me know how you’re doing!  <wink>  -Ed

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