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Good Results from Combo Therapy
from Don H.

Ed, FlakeHQ is a wonderful site.  Thanks for the information and the safe haven.

I have had psoriasis for 26 years, with 90+% coverage for the past 15 years.  I have always responded reasonably well to light.  Tanning beds offer a good measure of relief and keep the flaking to a tolerable level.  But until recently, my experience with topical treatments has been poor.  Steroids and coal-tar topicals would yield short term results, but within a couple weeks of treatment I would regress to the pretreatment state.  I had adopted a "this is as good as its going to get" attitude, and had not used any topicals for the past 5-6 years.

My wife suggested that I give it another go with a new derm and 5 weeks ago I was prescribed Ultravate and Dovonex.  To date, the results have been incredible.  I was flake-free in 4 days.  And so far, the lesions are under control.  My current regime is tanning bed 3 times per week, a 100g tube of Dovonex per week, and a 100 g tube of Ultravate per week (2 weeks on, then skip a week).  This is not inexpensive, but I haven't felt my skin in years. 

I'm currently cutting down on the topicals to try and judge the maintenance level required to stay clean.  And also started taking Omega 3's based on some of the experiences posted on your site.

I hope it lasts.  That nagging concern is that I have developed "immunity" to treatment in the past and that it could happen again.  But your site offers a range of opportunities, experiences, and hope.  Thank you again for making this happen. –Don H.


Ed’s Response:  You made it happen Don, this here’s a way-station, at best.  But I’m really glad to hear you have responded so well to the Ultravate/Dovonex combo.  Be sure and read Lars’ email this month, Dovonex WITH Ultravate. 

Sounds like you are realizing the most benefit from the combination of light therapies, topicals and the fish-oil dietary supplement.  Since your P was so severe, I can certainly understand your willingness to undertake this demanding regimen.

Please keep us apprized of your progress.  -Ed

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