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About to Launch Remicade Regimen
from Olin B.

Ed, I started on Remicade today. I had been on cyclosporine for over a year with great success for the P but not as great on the arthritis. I have psoriatic arthritis. I recommend the cyclosporine for anyone with P.  Hope the Remicade works as well and also helps the arthritis.  -Olin B.


Ed’s Response:  Good luck to you on the Remicade, Olin — and please keep us apprized of your progress.  We have one excellent report in the archives already: Remicade Success Story from Rozalie S.  The infusions cleaned up her erythrodermic P.

I experienced my greatest success (so far) on cyclosporine — complete clearing.  My PA had been beat back the year before the cyclo while I was on methotrexate and it didn’t return to anything more than a dull ache during the months I was on cyclo.  Ultimately, though, my blood pressure started to elevate on cyclo and the returning dull ache in my knees foreshadowed worsening PA — so now I’m back on methotrexate and the lesions are returning, too.

Let us know how things go on the Remicade.  We are vitally interested.  -Ed

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