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Another Liver Biopsy Survivor
from Leigh W.

Ed:  I really love your website.  I have known all along that laughter is the key to coping with this shitty rash of mine, but your website has given me more freedom to laugh at my self and my condition.  NOBODY in my family has P, so I had no one with whom to discuss it.  Oh, I could talk about it with my two sisters, but they would never fully appreciate all my moaning and groaning about itching, scratching and flaking.

I had my first liver biopsy on March 4.  Piece of cake!  I've been on methotrexate for 2 years.  The worst part of the procedure was being off Vioxx for the 3 days prior to the biopsy and 3 days after the biopsy.  Vioxx keeps my hands working, so I really missed it.

My rheumatologist signed me up for Enbrel.  Of course, there is a 4 month waiting period for drug recently approved by the FDA for psoriatic arthritis.  Hopefully this summer I can get started on that and not have to worry about any more biopsies.  Keep up the great work! -Leigh W.


Ed’s Response:  We should start a club, Leigh — Support Group for Biopsy Survivors On the Enbrel Waiting List (SGBSOEWL ... well, the acronym doesn’t do anything for me).

I’m glad you, too, had a recently uneventful liver biopsy, Leigh.  Well, I mean I’m glad it was uneventful.  I’m like you:  Regardless of how trivial it all might seem in retrospect, an alternative that would mean never having to go through it again is more appealing.

Let me know when you get your letter from Wyeth/Immunex (provider of Enbrel) that says Come on down....  –Ed

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