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Latest News on Psorigon War
from Kathryn and Cherry S.

Dear Ed:  I can’t believe what I’ve been reading about Psorigon [scroll through the “Psorigon” emails in the archives for the whole ghastly story]. I was able to get this

on prescription a few years ago. I have recently tried again to no avail. The chemist is at the moment still trying. I found this product fantastic, I'm a little concerned now. I found you only needed a little amount, and it seemed to keep P at bay.  Yours Kathryn (England)


Ed’s Response:  No doubt it did, Kathryn, as, at one time, Psorigon had an unmentioned high-potency corticosteroid ingredient known to quell P lesions in about 80% of flakers....  The “Psorigon” scandal on-going in the U.K. sounds awfully similar to the Skin Cap debacle a few years ago here in the U.S.

Our correspondent on this issue — and a principal combatant in the “Psorigon War” in England — has been Cherry S.  Here’s her latest.


Hi Ed.  Hope you are well.  They say over here that the British Justice system is designed to grind you down, and ground is what I am. 

To cut a long story short, there are about 30 people interested in taking legal action [against the manufacturers/importers of “Psorigon” and “PS-98”] and I have been acting as their representative.  I have seen around 9 lawyers, who are all very very keen to take the case on a 'No Win - No Fee' basis, but the way it works over here is that we would have to pay our expenses/disbursements, as we went along, which I have been told would be around 10,000 for EACH of us!  Although, win or lose, we would get the 10,000 back, none of us have really got it spare in the first place!

There is a 3 year limit within which we can start legal action and this is starting to run out too.  There is some hope though.  There is a group called the Bar Pro Bono Unit, which consists of a group of lawyers willing to take on cases in the public interest free of charge, and they have heard about the case and contacted me.  Also, the BBC contacted me and I had to do a day’s filming with them, as they wanted to run the story.  Unfortunately, the item was dropped at the last minute as Pharmavita [manufacturer] threatened legal action, and apparently, there is a legal case going on somewhere against them for supplying Psorigon, so we are now trying to find out who is taking the action and see if we can jump on the band wagon or help them with their case.

The UK Psoriasis Association remain on our side, but at the end of the day, it is all down to finances, or lack of them.  There was an All Party Parliamentary Group set up to look at exactly these sort of problems facing people in the UK with skin problems who are getting conned and they also looked into the Psorigon fiasco.  They stated their concern that the MCA (Medicines Control Agency — a government unit set up to monitor this sort of thing) were not prosecuting these companies, when the MCA has the power to do so.  If they had, I wouldn't feel the need to do it myself.  They have put several recommendations before Parliament, and we just have to wait.

We may not have been able to do what we set out to do, but at least the matter has been brought to the attention of a lot of people in high places, and I guess we have all learnt never to believe in 'miracle'  cures. Take care, -Cherry S. (England)


Ed’s Response:  Cherry, if we were all gathered in an auditorium right now, I would be leading my colleagues in a standing ovation for you. 

I don’t believe we’ve heard the last about the ”Psorigon War,” but even if it all got swept under a rug tomorrow, you would be no less our champion.  I applaud you and I thank you for carrying the torch, for speaking up, for showing leadership.  Every flaker in England — and everywhere else — owes you a debt of gratitude. 

Please, please don’t think you have to have an “update” to stay in touch with us.  This house is yours.  -Ed

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