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Hawaii Prescribed for Better UV Rays?
from Chris

Hello, do you know of any psoriatics with improvement in their symptoms from living or vacationing in Hawaii? The reason I ask is two doctor's have recommended this to me. They mentioned something about better UV rays there.  Regards, -Chris


Ed’s Response:  One email archived here touts the benefits of vacationing in either Alaska or Hawaii and I suppose the sun has something to do with either place.  I’ve received email from flaker residents of Hawaii who don’t claim to be better off there.  On the other hand, there’s been lots of speculation about moving here or there for better “climate control” of one’s P.  Most people who find sun exposure benefits their P don’t seem to find any particular place under the sun better than any other — though I’m sure stress levels (or the converse — stress-free levels) might have something to do with it, too.

Some places are well known for optimum sun exposure for psoriasis.  The Dead Sea is probably the most famous.  This weird body of water is actually below sea level and has extraordinary salt water as well as unusually filtered sunlight because of atmospheric conditions.  I’ve never heard similar claims about Hawaii.

There’s this logical component that seems to apply to any beach attraction vacation spot:  you go there expressly for fun-under-the-sun; therefore, if increased sun exposure is going to help your P, you’re apt to experience improvement when on vacation.  But that might happen in Florida, Corpus Christi, or Los Angles as easily as Hawaii. 

Hell, Chris ... if you need one more little excuse to justify a move to Hawaii, go ahead and call it a quest for better skin!  If I wanted to move to Hawaii, I would!  -Ed

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