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We’ve Made the Pun Page!
from Shannon P.

Greetings.  My name is Shannon P. and my husband James has been talking about you quite a bit.  Finding your site was I think the best thing that ever happened to him for psoriasis support.  (By the way - he says "Hi.")  He has gone off the methotrexate — his body just was not handling it well — but is doing fine so far. He has restarted Vioxx therapy and is going to check into other treatments next week. 

One of my hobbies is searching for puns.  I am a Callahan fan (author Spider Robinson) and a Xanth fan (author Piers Anthony)  and always appreciate a good pun. (Is there a truly good pun?!)  While wandering around the web tonight I came across this one that James encouraged me to send to you.  I hope it gives you at least a smile — possibly a giggle or two.

Dr. Baker was flummoxed. . . the Sikowski Twins had a skin rash. It wasn't a big deal, until their mutual scratching caused the skin to flake off. As fate would have it, a flake blew into each girls eye, causing much irritation. The doctor then knew that it was the worst case he'd ever seen of sore eye a sis.

Now I can't claim to be the author of this one. I found it at BigPuns.com with the author name listed as Sithspit.  James thought you would appreciate it as much as he did. 

Personally, I want to thank you for having this site and giving James a chance to laugh at something that has been a part of his life for so long.   It is nice for him to have somewhere he can go and have others say "I understand"  and truly do — so, thank you.


Ed’s Response:  To James — you’re welcome!  To Shannon — thanks for writing and sharing the joke. 

One good pun deserves another.  If you haven’t already, read Hazel’s Sorry Bottom. -Ed

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