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Another Message from Clara Dewke 
from Clara D.

Hello:   It has been a long time since I have contributed to FlakeHQ.  For the people who were not around when I introduced myself [Message from Clara Dewke, July ‘97] I am Mrs. Ed Dewke. 

A lot has happen to me since I last spoke with you.  We have a new grandson and another due in June.  But that’s not the story about me that will probably be made into a movie with Julia Roberts playing me.  Here’s that story:

I developed P after I Ed and I were married.  I did not know what P was until I met Ed.  I learned so much about it from Ed I contracted it myself.  What other explanation could there be?  (More about those early years is in my first letter. [link above])

Last May we inherited a cat named Koko from my eldest daughter.  That made three indoor cats in our household.  Two cat-hating Dalmatians live across the road from us.  These dogs roam at night and are known for killing cats around the horse barns.  (In fact, their owners speak with pride about the dogs keeping the feral cat population under control.)  You can see where this is going, but don't start crying yet. 

Our youngest daughter was staying with us when what follows took place.  One evening, after dark, she decided she needed some fresh air and raised a window that had a loose screen.  Koko discovered this real quick.  An hour or so after Ed and I had gone to bed, the Dalmatians from across the street were on the prowl and caught Koko in our back yard. 

Well, I was sound asleep when Angie (our daughter) screamed, “The dogs are killing Koko!”  Loud enough to wake me up on the other side of the house.  I jumped up from a dead sleep and took off  running like Supergirl — Julia Roberts will be able to do this part really well, don’t you think? — to rescue the cat.  But, instead, I slip on a fresh-waxed kitchen floor and break my shoulder, wrist, and crack my cheek bone — plus acquire minor aches and pain in lots of other places. 

But, you know it, my P went away during my weeks of recovery, except for my feet, which continued to flare, crack and hurt.

I continued to doctor my feet as best I could, applying some prescription topical steroid ointment when they became unbearable.  This went on for about a year — it was great to be almost P-free! — daughter Lisa (Koko’s original owner), began to sell Melaleuca products and she encouraged me to try one called “Sole to Soul.”  This is billed as a “revitalizing foot scrub and foot lotion.”  Since using it, the P on my feet has gone away and I can finally walk without pain.

Then, this past March, my dental office staff went to Atlanta, GA, for a seminar.  I was on my Friday afternoon, making my way back to our hotel on the shuttle bus used to move conventioneers around the city and, when I got off the bus, I was hit by a car.  Don’t cry yet.  But do you know what happened?  My P came back — except for my feet! 

Ed hasn’t come up with an explanation for that one. Maybe now that I’ve taken my strange case public, he’ll figure it all out to earn a respectable role in the movie (in which my character will be played by Julia Roberts). 

If you have P on your feet you should try some “Sole to Soul” from Melaleuca.  Their web page for “Sole to Soul” is  http://www.melaleuca.com/cart_index.cfm?PassedPage=list_catProds.cfm&LastCategoryID=3&CategoryID=64   Or, for more information, you can email me at [email protected] — I’ll pass your inquiry along to daughter Lisa.

It has been a pleasure sharing my experiences with you. As both a spouse and a flaker, I do know what you are going through.  Remember to watch for the movie! Best Regards, Clara D.


Ed’s Response:  I verify all of the above is true.  Clara elected not to mention that, when she took her dive in the kitchen, there was even MORE hollering and that finally got ME up.  In addition to being the one who ultimately fetched Koko back into the house, I also sat on the floor consoling broken Clara (who was slipping into shock — quieter, really, than I ever remember her!) until the ambulance arrived.

The “Sole to Soul” that’s got my wife so excited belongs to a long family of Melaleuca “personal care products,” most of which are made with Melaleuca oil, which comes from the famous “tea tree” plant.  Many flakers have used tea tree extract for years to treat their psoriasis.  We didn’t make this connection until months after we started using some of the products.  After “Sole to Soul” cleared up Clara’s feet I did some research and found the connection. –Ed

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