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Read Connolly “Years Ago”
from Sue

Dear Ed, Just a note to say I am thrilled to find your site.  I have had P for 27 years and the past 3 years I have been hit with Arthritis — which really hurts!!  Many years ago I bought the book Psoriasis Can Be Cured.  I started searching today to see if Dr. Connolly is still around and I found you.

I will log on to your site every now and then just to know how not alone I am.

My doctor put me on Vioxx for the pain.  I would much rather find something natural to help.  I live in a very backwards town in PA and I read all I can, but I know there is no cure as of yet.  Keep up the wonderful work.  I really have enjoyed finding your site. Sincerely,  -Sue


Ed’s Response:  And I’m glad you found us, Sue.  Your reference to Dr. Connolly’s Psoriasis Can Be Cured begs more questions.  Did you try his diet and acupuncture regimen?  How did it work for you?  (Reading between the lines, I’m assuming you still have active P.)

The first thing I took for PA pain was, like you, Vioxx.  About the most it did for me was help me to sleep (that and a pillow between my legs and a cooperative wife).  The only real relief I have obtained from my PA was, initially, a year on methotrexate.  Then they switched me to cyclosporine and, though I feared the worst, my PA did not return during the year I was on that systemic drug.  When my blood pressure started to rise they switched me back to methotrexate — which I’m on now — and while I’m experiencing some seasonal PA discomfort, I’d still say it’s largely at bay.

My paths have been far from natural.  Methotrexate and cyclosporine are both severe medications that monkey around with a person’s natural immune processes.  The side effects can be quite nasty.  I’d like to find a natural way to obtain the same results — but I’m not sure I’d survive the discovery.

Good luck to you!  -Ed

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