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Olux Foam for Poison Ivy?
from Ivy

Hi, My dermatologist prescribed Olux Foam when I got badly infected with poison ivy. However, I read through the enclosed information as well as other reading and found no mentioned that this product is good for treating poison ivy.  Only scalp treatment? Have I gone to the right doctor? -Ivy


Ed’s Response:  I read the prescribing information at www.olux.com (actual file: http://www.olux.com/prescribing_information.html) and am guessing your derm has just decided the foam is a great way to deliver clobetasol propionate to your poison ivy-infected skin.  He may be prescribing Olux “off label,” but that does make it a mistake.  The corticosteroid clobetasol propionate is used to “reduce inflammation, redness, swelling, itching and tenderness related to skin conditions,” according to the prescribing information.  This may perfectly define how your skin is reacting to the poison ivy. 

Let us know how it works, Ivy!  -Ed

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