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Antioxidants Weren’t His Cure
from Sebastian K.

I had sent you a mail more than a year back — Antioxidants Are His Cure.  I told you then that I felt I was getting cured from my psoriasis after taking Antoxyl Forte (Antioxidants) for more than a month.  I was hoping to send you another mail after about 3-4 months and tell you that I was completely cured.  I have now taken Antoxyl Forte for more than a year and I feel embarrassed to tell you that I am not yet completely cured.

After taking Antoxyl Forte for more than a month, I thought I was getting cured.  My itching stopped and I had no flakes.  Only the patches remained.  They were not so angry looking and red like before.  I thought it was only a question of time before the patches also disappeared.  I thought the patches would go away in 3-4 months time! It was wishful thinking.  It is now more than a year since I started taking Antoxyl Forte and the patches still remain.  The only consoling fact is that I do not have itching and I do not shed any flakes.  I continue to take Antoxyl Forte because of the same two reasons; it has stopped the flakes and also stopped the itching.

So Antoxyl Forte is not the wonder drug that I thought it would be for psoriasis.  About a week back I met my Dermatologist.   showed him the patches and asked him if I am going into a remission, if I am going to soon get completely cured.  The patches were not angry looking and red.  The Dermatologist said it is too early to say.  I then casually asked my Dermatologist what he thought about Methotrexate.  He said it is a very good drug and that it has cured many people of their psoriasis.  He said that I can take the drug only if my liver function tests are normal.  He did not suggest Methotrexate to me earlier because I had only mild psoriasis.

I want to get completely cured from psoriasis and I am seriously thinking of taking Methotrexate if my liver function tests are normal. Since I have only mild psoriasis Methotrexate may work for me.  –Sebastian K.


Ed’s Response:  Don’t be too despondent about the failure of Antoxyl Forte to be the “complete cure” you’d hoped for.  There is no complete cure.  Not yet.  Not even methotrexate (more on that in a moment).  It sounds like Antoxyl Forte may be doing you considerable good by stopping the itch and eliminating the flakes.  Believe me, many of us would gladly put up with some salmon-colored patches if those two symptoms — flaking and itching — would go away and stay away.

As you have a mild case, and your lesions are being controlled, I am more than surprised — concerned, really — that your dermatologist would suggest you are a candidate for methotrexate.  Liver test results notwithstanding, this is not a medicine to be taken if the problem is merely a cosmetic one.  I encourage you to read Fear Aside, She’s Trying Methotrexate in this month’s mail.  Besides, according to the manufacturer, the appropriate MTX dose is one at which you still sport some lesions — so not only is it not a cure, it might not maintain the improvement you are currently experiencing!

Of course, Sebastian, there may be other things about your case that do make MTX a compelling alternative.  I just don’t want you thinking it is the cure you had wanted Antoxyl Forte to be.  Most people I know who have taken methotrexate have done so because, in some way, their psoriasis was severe enough to be debilitating — meaning it got in the way of their being able live gainfully and without pain.

In any case, best of luck to you!  And you don’t have to wait a year to email us again!  -Ed

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