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Sulfasalazine (Azulfidine) for P?
from Lenore

Hello.  I am trying to find out if anyone has tried the drug sulfasalazine for their psoriasis.  There seems to be side effects and I would like to hear from anyone who may have used it before.  Thanks for the site.  I laughed at all the flaker's jargon.  –Lenore


Ed’s Response:  A little over 2 years ago a fellow emailed who had tried sulfasalazine (brand name Azulfidine).  Read Do-It-Yourself-Scalp Formulation and One-Man Lab.  This fellow said it made his P worse, he broke out in a rash and his skin acquired a “purple/blue bruised look.”  According to my PDR Family Guide, this medicine is for ulcerative colitis.  It’s use for psoriasis must be what they call “off label.” NPF’s brochure titled Overview of Psoriasis Treatments says about sulfasalazine:

[It] is an oral medication reported to be effective for some people with P and PA.  It is significantly less effective than MTX.  However, sulfasalazine tends to have less dangerous side effects, therefore a trial of this medication may be worthwhile for some.  Many people cannot tolerate sulfasalazine because of allergy to sulfa or side effects, including nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.


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