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Is there More Psoriasis Today?
from Sarah M.

Ed:  Do we have any idea about the prevalence of P from the past?  Does our present society and it's unique stresses present certain conditions that make the condition more prevalent?  -Sarah M. — Stricken in Vermont for 25 years


Ed’s Response:  Excellent question, Sarah.  I’ve not seen any literature that suggests a fluctuation in the percentage of populations who are psoriatic.  Indeed, it wasn’t until the last century that percentages of population were even conjectured, as far as I know. 

We know that we are more aware of P and on a broader scale than we could have been in the past.  There’s more of us (general population increase), more advanced technologies increasing communications between us (we are much better informed, and about goings-on in a wider area, than we were at any previous stage in our species history).

All this suggests one might only guess at current situations making P more or less likely than it was for our predecessors.

I would not be surprised to learn more techno-lifestyle things are triggering P than ever before.  (I can see the headlines:  Cell Phones Ignite Scalp Psoriasis ... Spandex Found to Multiply Spread of Psoriatic Plaque Lesions ... Over-Exposure to Rap Music Connected to Rising Incidence of Psoriatic Arthritis.... You get my drift.)  More seriously, our ever-evolving diet and lifestyle seem to keep introducing new health problems and it’s likely new ways to trigger or exacerbate psoriasis are among them. 

I you come upon any historical resources that might present the “history of psoriasis among us,” please let me know and I’ll pass it along for all our benefit.  -Ed

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