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Seborrheic Keratoses – Not Psoriasis, but What the Heck
from Karppy

I feel kinda of funny writing to you about this subject but you are the main man.  I have erythrodermic psoriasis and have what I believe to be seborrheic keratoses (warty growths) especially around my upper trunk and back.  I have not worn a bra for three months because it rubs against the warts and hurts like heck.  Has any other woman given you thoughts or insights into this uncomfortable subject?  I do not know who to turn to but I read FlakeHQ often and you usually come up with an answer to all life's problems.  Oh, I am fifty-seven years old and it is just not nice to be braless.  Catch ya later. –Karppy


Ed’s Response:  I actually don’t have very many answers, Karppy, and about braless-ness I’m a dry larder, an empty cupboard, a spent cell, a tabula rosa.  There was a day, however, when I considered myself somewhat of an expert on braless-ness.  I was brash and young then, though, with a head full of nonsense.  I remember espousing something called the “pencil test.”  I don’t remember the details....

I did find some answers about seborrheic keratoses, though.  This link at the American Academy of Dermatology site tells it like it is: http://www.aad.org/pamphlets/saborr_kera.html.  Sounds to me like you should go have those things removed (three ways, according to this link) and then go treat yourself to a new underthing.  I kinda think you’re nice, Karppy, even if you aren’t completely dressed <wink>.  -Ed

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