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Serrapeptase for Psoriasis?
from Sylvia C.

Hi, I found this site by accident and I have really enjoyed it. I have had psoriasis for 35 years now and I am so sick of it. I am originally from England and a friend e-mailed me and asked what I knew about serrapeptase as it was getting to be quite popular over there. It is an enzyme made from silk worms. Well I knew absolutely nothing so I decided to find out and started scouring the net. It sounded really good with a lot of benefits, one being a "cure" for psoriasis. My husband ordered me 2 bottles and I have been taking 2 a day on an empty stomach and in the couple of weeks I have been taking it the large spots on my elbows have gotten smaller. I haven't noticed much difference anywhere else but maybe it can only work on one area at a time. Anyway, I am gonna finish the 120 pills and see what happens. Has anyone else tried this? Thank you, -Sylvia C.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for letting us know about this, Sylvia.  Here is a link for some detailed information about this enzyme:


Here is a short quote from this page:  “The mighty enzyme offers a viable alternative to salicylates (such as aspirin), ibuprofen, and NSAIDS as well as steroids — a boon for those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and a wide array of other autoimmune diseases that affect the inflammatory response, including ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, uveitis, allergies, and some forms of cancer.”

Do let us know how your 120-tablet trial works out.  Lots of people are looking for a natural alternative to OTC and prescription pain-killers and, if a lesion or two clears up in the process, who’s complaining? 

If anybody else has tried serrapeptase for psoriasis, please email and share your experiences.  -Ed

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