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SkinZinc(TM) Helping her Face P
from Holly H.

Dear Ed:  I just had my second child and my P has just gone nuts.  My Grandmother-in-law ordered some stuff for me.  It's called SkinZinc, developed by SelfWorx.  I was wondering if you'd ever heard of it?  There's a website for it, www.selfworx.com.  I've been using it on just the P on my forehead, just below my hairline, and it seems to be working so far — knock on wood, don't want to jinx it or anything.  Anyway, just wondering if you'd heard anything about it.  I searched through your archives but didn't find anything.  Thanks again for your site! -Holly H.


Ed’s Response:  Most of what is archived here about zinc has to do with ingesting it.  Some flakers claim good results, other don’t (look under “Zinc” in the Archives).  I’ve not heard of your specific topical product and haven’t heard much of anything about the successful use of topical zinc for treating P. 

But if it’s working ... great!  Don’t be too disappointed if the palliative benefits wear off, run down, dry out — whatever expression seems appropriate.  Most OTC remedies for P don’t remain effective (if they ever are to begin with).  However, if they work good for you for awhile, all that might be necessary to get them working good for you again is some “time off.”  This has been true for me with prescription topicals for years.  Any given product works for 3, maybe 4 months and then its effectiveness declines.  If I switch to another product for 3-4 months and then go back to the original medicine, it usually works with all its original “kick.”

Best of luck to you, Holly.  -Ed

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